Clamp Fittings

Stainless Steel Clamp Fittings

Our range of  Stainless Steel Clamp fittings can be fabricated to customer requirements. Stainless Steel Clamps Fittings from 1” – 4” are manufactured to BS4825: Part 3. The clamp union is crevice free and is designed for quick and easy assembly without the use of tools.

Our comprehensive range of clamp fittings covers sizes from ½” through to 12” and encompasses most of the internationally recognised standards.

Stainless Steel Clamp Fittings including customised components such as clamp y pieces, clamp seagulls, clamp swept tees and clamp reducing tees.

Our Clamp Unions, ferrules, tees, bends, hoseliners are used extensively throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.

Working Pressures and Temperature:

BS4825 Part 1 1991 states that if tubes are to operate above 20 Bar or 150°C, then the customer should make this known to the supplier. For specific performance data, please contact our technical sales department

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