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Scanning Technology – 3D Environment Captured In Minutes

Axium process have invested in the world’s most advanced 3D scanning technology, providing high quality imaging in a 360° panoramic immersive environment.

Our engineers utilise the hardware to scan customer sites, capturing within minutes the 3D environment to which any proposed modifications or skids are to be installed. The results provide all parties with a 3D walk-though tour and enables accurate measurements to within 1mm to be taken & cross checked long after leaving site, saving valuable down time in production areas and alleviating errors and repeated visits for basic dimensional checks.

Coupling the 3D environment with our inhouse Design Office using Solidworks 2020 modelling software, results in a realistic, easy to envisage engineering solution with the confidence that any proposed modifications will be 100% correct first time.

Whether your site hasn’t been plotted and drawn or you are unsure of the accuracy of ageing plans, Axium have the solution at hand to ensure an easy transition into the 3D World.

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