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Reduce Discharge Volumes, Recover Up To 90% Of Waste Water As Re-Usable Clean Water


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Waste Water Recycling – Comply With Current Legislation

With increasing environmental concerns and rising costs, there has never been a better time to discuss your requirements.

Water Recycling and Waste Stream Treatment technologies are developing at a rapid rate. The demand for a stable operating environment to ensure consistent performance of manufacturing plants or for processes which are less sensitive to feed variations is becoming critical. The variable nature of effluent and operating conditions can present major difficulties for factories intent on secure 24/7 operation.

Microplastics, particulates, oils, grease fats and many other constituents can be selectively separated from an effluent stream; often recovering valuable materials in the process.  The treated water is crystal clear, 100% particle free and commercially sterile, ready for immediate recycling.

Recover up to 90% of waste water

Axium Process provides specialist expertise in the development of bespoke water recycling systems designed to reduce discharge volumes and potentially recover up to 90% of the waste water as re-usable clean water for many industrial applications. The process, which uses membrane filtration technology is controllable for both particulate and soluble solids recovery and the filtrate quality is normally independent of day to day feed variations.

Our systems are versatile, effective and stable and are often used as a direct replacement for chemical treatment processes or integrated with AD systems to simultaneously clarify the outflow, while improving biomass recovery and reactor efficiency.

Benefits of Axium’s waste water recycling systems:

  • Mechanical separation ensures process stability
  • Eliminates the need for chemical folcculants
  • Produces commercially sterile crystal clear water for discharge or recycling
  • Opportunity to separate and recover valuable resources from waste water
  • Large reduction in effluent discharge volume
  • Potential to recover heat energy from effluent

System Design

  • Optimised for the application
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Remote Monitoring and Performance checks
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Small foot print
  • Compliance with increasing legislative and recycling requirements
  • Skid mounted, or containerised, easy to scale up and install
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