Membrane Filtration Pilot Trials

Enables Accurate Representation Of Full Scale-Commercial Processes


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Membrane Filtration Pilot Trials

Pilot trials ensure accurate representation of full-scale commercial processes.  They are the most reliable way to determine separation performance, process viability, system design parameters and the operational economics of membrane filtration on liquid feed streams.

Axium Process offers a complete support package for process investigation and optimisation under fully controlled conditions, ensuring accurate results.  Our range of mobile membrane filtration plants and supporting plant equipment such as prefiltration, heating, mixing skids as well as in-house laboratory services and dedicated wet test facility provide a comprehenisve research resource for companies considering membrane filtration technology.

Our Services include:

  • Trusted partner for the research and commercial development of innovative liquid filtration, product and process separation applications
  • The selection and supply of the required membrane (or membranes if a comparative trial is to be undertaken)
  • Experienced test engineers pinpoint performance characteristics, expose limitations and explore optimisation criteria for a wide range of liquid filtration solutions
  • Detailed trials report with processing characteristics covering performance data and trial conclusions, together with representative samples for independent analysis
  • Local and remote trial options with an engineer for the duration of a trial

Typical Applications:

Our test engineers carry out pilot trials for all sorts of applications from pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, chemical, manufacturers wishing o evaluate membrane filtration as a cost effective solution to their process requirement.

  • Waste Water Recycling
  • Dairy Fractionation
  • Cell Recovery
  • Clarification
  • Extract Filtration
  • Protein Separation
  • Dilute Sugar Stream Concentration
  • Dye Stuff Desalting and Concentration
  • Precursor Purification
  • Final Filtration Of Bottled Water
  • Recovery Of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Enzyme Concentration
  • Purification and Clarification of Fruit Juice
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