Plain Ended Fittings

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Plain Ended Fittings

Plain Ended Fittings are offered to complement our range of stainless steel fittings and hygienic unions. Our standard range includes 45º and 90º bends, equal and reducing tees, concentric and eccentric reducers and a wide range of tube and pipe to fit both Imperial and DIN fittings. We normally stock 1.5D bends (to BS4825: Part 2 : 1991), although a wide range of radii can be produced depending upon your exact requirements.

Internal and external finishes from descaled to 0.4 µm Ra can be provided, including component by component certification if required.

Special bends with larger radii are available for applications such as powder, viscous products and granular transfer.

The fittings can be welded & fabricated onto a range of products including special bends, tees, valves & manifolds

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