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CIP System Fabrication

Clean-in-Place Systems (CIP) are now an essential part of most hygienic manufacturing processes.  Axium Process specialises in

  • CIP Systems Design, Build, Install, Commission and Technical Support
  • Custom built fully optimised CIP Systems
  • Fully automated standard CIP skids, complete with control panel, PLC and software
  • Pharmaceutical grade CIP systems complete with steam gear and heat exchanger
  • Mobile CIP Trolleys

Bespoke Design & Manufacture

Designing the best CIP System for a given application will ultimately depend upon a comprehensive understanding of the product being purged and cleaned, plant operating parameters, flows, temperatures and pressures in order to get the best results and enhance the production process.

Axium’s engineers have extensive process expertise across a wide range of industries and applications with specialist knowledge in determining materials compatibility when sourcing process equipment and fittings.  Selecting the most suitable pump for specific CIP duties and the CIP solutions being used is essential if maximum production efficiencies and minimal downtime are to be achieved.  All systems are delivered complete with a range of suitable connections to fully integrate into customers’ existing premises.

CIP System Optimisation

Each system is developed by a dedicated project engineer who works closely with the customer to guarantee requirements are fully complied with in terms of design, procurement and manufacturing stages.  Every aspect of the plant’s design is fully optimised to safeguard plant hygiene and production efficiencies.

All Axium’s CIP systems are supplied with a comprehensive Installation & Operating Manual together with a full materials traceability dossier.

Axium has invested heavily in its inspection facilities and procedures to provide validation, testing and qualification to the highest levels.

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