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Axium Filters Are The Bees Knees’

Axium Process stainless steel inline filters for honey application.

Axium Process recently supplied a number of 316L stainless steel Pure-Screen filters to award winning honey producer, Hilltop Honey, who are buzzing with success, distributing their products in swarms throughout the UK’s major supermarkets, independent farm shops, and delicatessens.

Founded in 2011 by young beekeeper, Scott Davies, Hilltop Honey has a passion for delivering the most exceptional tasting honey from all corners of the world. The recent implementation of Axium’s wedge wire filters is to remove hive debris, which includes wort and fragments of wax, that occur naturally during the extraction process.

“Axium’s Pure-Screen Filter is ideal for viscous products and offers a large surface area that results in lower frequency cleaning“ states Hilltop Honey’s General Manager, “a Technical Sales Engineer helped us select the best option for our application from a wide range of stainless steel filters and they have proved very effective in operation. The filter is adaptable allowing the use of interchangeable elements with different micron ratings, making it a very flexible solution for a number of operations throughout our process. The use of Axium’s filters ensures that we can effectively remove any debris whilst retaining the world-renowned properties that naturally occurs within honey”.

Filtration + Separation Axium Process supplies filters to honey producer“.                      

Axium’s filters range from 5 micron up to 8000 microns as standard and can be customised to suit site specific or process requirements, from pump and instrument protection to critical applications where filter failure or collapse is not an option.  The range, which includes standard, compact,  90° and in-line options, is available with interchangeable stainless steel wedge wire, sintered mesh and perforated tube screens.

Axium Process is a filtration specialist providing bespoke hygienic engineering design, customised stainless steel fabrication and system solutions that include filter skids and multiplex filter systems, fully optimised CIP systems, containerised membrane filtration systems, mixing skids, mobile pump skids and ion exchange units.

Gale RuddAxium Filters Are The Bees Knees’
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We are proud of our future!

“We at Axium Process are very proud of our apprentices who are making a very positive contribution to our company.”

Axium Process specialises in bespoke engineering design, fabrication and system solutions for industries such as aerospace, nuclear, biotech and pharmaceutical so it is critical that the level of specialist expertise our engineers offer continues to develop, helping the company to achieve and maintain its future requirements for expertise, quality,  and growth.

Axium Process has always worked closely with local colleges and universities providing first hand experience for many students wishing to be part of the engineering industry where investment in sophisticated bespoke operations, technologies, and techniques provide a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

Last year three new apprentices joined our team of specialised fabricator welders and are working towards their Level 2 and 3 NVQ Diplomas in Performing Engineering Operations and Engineering Technology.

Once fully coded, our  apprentices will be able to use a wide range of high performance engineering materials such as super alloys,  Hastelloy®, Titanium®, Inconel®  Monel® and PEEK®, and will specialise in complex pipework and thin wall sheet metal  fabrications, component customisation as well as high-end pharmaceutical process equipment and systems.

Gale RuddWe are proud of our future!
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New Perforated Filter range Now Available

New EconPLUS perforated filter range designed with simplicity and security in mind

Axium Process’ has recently introduced the EconPLUS perforated filter to its range of Certified 316L stainless steel filters providing a low-cost, reliable and versatile solution for process pumps and equipment protection.

Designed with simplicity and security in mind, the EconPLUS filter range, has been manufactured as a two-piece construction internally, has no loose parts and has a mechanical sealing area eliminating the need for a polymer seal with the inherent possibility of failure and replacement.  The filters which are suitable for both CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) duties are simple and easy to maintain requiring no tools for element extraction.

EconPLUS perforated filter screens are fully interchangeable and are available from 2000 micron up to 8000 micron.   Manufactured with a 4”, 316L stainless steel housing to ensure maximum screen surface area and designed for filter flows either out-to-in or in-to out,  this versatile and dependable protection filter is providing a cost-effective solution for many process applications.

Axium Process is a filtration specialist and manufactures a comprehensive range of 316L stainless steel filters that include Wedge-Wire, Sintered Mesh and Perforated Screen options.  The filters which are manufactured in the United Kingdom at the company’s Swansea based manufacturing facility can be customised to suit site or process requirements.

Gale RuddNew Perforated Filter range Now Available
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New Plug and Play High Specification Mobile Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant


Axium Process’ new innovative and versatile membrane filtration pilot plant, together with its team of specialist engineers,  are helping manufacturers develop and optimise their separation processes utilising Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration  (UF) technologies.   Pilot plant separation studies help to determine process feasibility, plant design and economics at an early stage and can give an accurate model of what a full-scale commercial plant could achieve.

Axium’s new mobile pilot plant has been designed to  be ‘plug and play’ and can easily integrate into an existing production plant minimising the set up time for companies wishing to conduct trials at their own site.    The plant, which can be equipped with multiple interchangeable full-scale membrane modules including tubular, spiral, ceramic or hollow-fibre options, uses sophisticated data collection software and digital IO-Link instrumentation enabling an accurate and detailed representation of the physical separation/concentration level achievable from the feed taken from a representative process stream.

PECM Features  “New Plug & Play Mobile Filtration Plant“.

Axium’s filtration engineers routinely carry out pilot trials either at customer sites or at Axium’s dedicated test facility on a wide range of applications which typically include dairy fractionation, cell recovery, clarification, extract filtration, protein separation, removal of suspended solids and bioburden from raw plant extracts as well as the removal of microplastics from water streams.

The company maintains a comprehensive range of mobile membrane filtration pilot plants and supporting plant equipment such as prefiltration, heating and mixing skids as well as in-house laboratory services which are available for manufacturers wishing to evaluate their own particular process from a wide range of membrane filtration options.

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Gale RuddNew Plug and Play High Specification Mobile Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant
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Removal of Microplastics from water streams using membrane technology

Removal of Microplastics from water streams using membrane technology

The removal of microplastics from drinking, process or wastewater streams is a major step towards the reduction of microplastic pollution found in the environment.  The use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products has already been banned in the UK and many other countries.  However microplastic pollution is still being generated by the waste plastics already in the environment which are aging and self-abrading on a very wide scale.   As a result, most water sources now contain background but rising levels of microplastic contamination, which can ultimately feed back into in the human food chain.

Crossflow Membrane Technology (CMT), renowned for its success in the removal of bacteria, pesticides, suspended solids and colour from wastewater, is now a practical solution in the fight against the microplastic pollution found in most wastewater streams.  CMT works as a physical barrier against microplastics where the particulates cannot pass through the membrane on the basis of particle size, allowing only crystal clear commercially sterile, particle free water to be discharged.  All the microplastic particulates and other separated impurities are safely retained in a low volume controllable form ready for further treatment.

 Filtration & SeparationAxium Process’ crossflow membrane filtration systems can now also remove microplastic pollution in wastewater streams

Axium Process specialises in Crossflow Membrane Technology and is working with companies wishing to evaluate the benefits of membrane filtration as a treatment for wastewater and removal of microplastics. Our expertise is in the design, build and commissioning of customised membrane filtration plants that can provide cost effective solutions in terms of reduced water and energy costs, recovery of chemicals, reduced effluent volumes and disposal costs.

We also maintain a comprehensive range of mobile membrane filtration pilot plants and in-house laboratory services which are offered as a research facility for companies wishing to develop and optimise their processes.


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Gale RuddRemoval of Microplastics from water streams using membrane technology
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Hygienic Fabrication Can Be Exotic


Hastelloy Pipe FabricationsAxium Process, specialises in hygienic engineering design, fabrication and system solutions utiilising a wide range of corrosion resistant superalloys including exotic alloys; Hastelloy®, Duplex®, Inconel®, and Monel® as well as high performance engineering plastics such as PEEK®,  used in the company’s CNC operations for applications where weight, heat resistance and strength are paramount.

Selecting the right material for the right application is crucial to the success of any design project particularly for challenging applications such as those associated with high salt concentrations and where system integrity and optimum plant design life is critical.

Our bespoke design and fabrication expertise has been built on years of diverse and practical experience supplying custom filtration systems and components for the most challenging of applications across a wide range of industries.

Our welders and Procedures are Notified Body approved to ASME IX, BS EN ISO 9606-1, BS EN 15614-1;   engineering design, procurement and fabrication is carried out in accordance with EHEDG and ASME BPE prinicples and FAT/SAT  testing and training is carried out to the highest levels.

Axium’s design expertise is backed up by our team of qualified engineers who routinely offer advice and cost effective engineering solutions ensuring the best value for money in terms of process development, efficiency and on time delivery.

Hygienic Stainless Steel Fabrication

Gale RuddHygienic Fabrication Can Be Exotic
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Increased Demand for Containerised Systems

Our versatile, portable and practical, stand-alone containerised process systems are becoming mainstream for many applications across all sectors of industry.

From hygienic clean-room applications to beverage processing, digestate and effluent treatment systems, the benefits of a quick to install, self-contained process requiring minimal infrastructure is increasingly seen as a preferred option for capital investments.

The advantages of a secure portable asset include, ease of transportation or re-location, even to remote destinations, absolute control of quality during construction and
the ability to conduct pre-delivery commissioning procedures.

The end user benefits include, minimal installation time on-site, minimal civil engineering and planning permissions, which translate into considerable time and cost savings.

Gale RuddIncreased Demand for Containerised Systems
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Bespoke Stainless Steel Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex Filter Systems



Axium Process’ robust and versatile duplex,  triplex and multiplex  stainless steel filter systems are improving process efficiencies and providing substantial cost savings in respect of reduced downtime  and screen disposal costs for processors operating in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, confectionery and chemical industries.

Engineered to cater for footprint, flow rate and dirt loading restrictions, the company’s duplex, triplex and multiplex filter options are ideally suited for applications where stage filtering is a requirement.   Customised options include support framework, sample points, drain isolation and vent valves as well as pressure gauges on the outlet and inlet to monitor performance.    The filter’s robust construction enables automatic or manual backflush facilities which can be fitted to the filter without fear of damaging the elements.

Axium’s standard range of stainless steel filters provide filtration levels from 5 micron up to 6000 micron and are available with stainless steel wedge-wire or sintered mesh screens. Manufactured in 316L stainless steel to a high specification, the filters are simple and easy to maintain, have built-in safety features and require no specialist tooling.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Axium’s filters provide a reliable solution for critical applications such as a pre-filter for pumps or debris capture for CIP.   The Pure-Screen wedge-wire filter range is ideally suited for applications where product consistency and smoothness is essential or for powder mixing applications such as dispersing powders into suspension.  For fine particulate applications, the company has developed its Fine-Screen sintered mesh range which offers excellent strength and rigidity providing filtration levels from 5 micron up to 200 micron.

Gale RuddBespoke Stainless Steel Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex Filter Systems
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Axium Process Membrane Filtration Systems are “On the Move”


Axium Process’ Membrane Filtration Systems are “On the Move”

Axium Process design and manufacture Containerised Membrane Filtration Systems that offer a highly flexible and cost effective solution for processing liquid products and effluents, along with separation and recovery of valuable compounds.

Axium’s Containerised Systems offer a bespoke solution to suit specific site parameters and conditions, providing flexibility of location, easy transportation and low cost installation benefits.  Planning Permission is not usually required and Civils are usually minimal.

Utilising microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, Axium’s Systems are supplied fully configured for ease and speed of deployment. The equipment needs minimal intervention and can be manual or fully automatic in operation using state of the art PLC control with live data logging and remote access.

Membrane filtration has applications in almost every industry as a precision technique to control liquid processing operations, reduce costs, produce or recover product, save energy and recycle water. Physical separation is achieved without chemicals and delivers a consistent, stable output ideal for quality sensitive processes.

Axium Process is one of the UK’s leading hygienic process system manufacturers specialising in crossflow filtration and separation technology.

Gale RuddAxium Process Membrane Filtration Systems are “On the Move”
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