Stainless Steel Manways

Stainless Steel Manways

Axium Process offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel tank manways providing access to tanks, storage vessels and ducting systems throughout  the food, dairy, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Axium’s tank manways are designed for low and high pressure applications and are available as rectangular, circular and oval designs.

Axium Process also specialises in hygienic stainless steel fabrication and specialises in the design and fabrication of hygienic stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, mobile transfer vessels and mixing vessels




Stainless Steel Manways Seal Materials

The operating temperature ranges for our manways are determined by the seal material used. Also replacement seals are available for our manway range.

Temperature Ranges
Natural RubberSiliconeEPDM*Viton ®
-50 to +90ºC-50 to 200ºC-45 to 110ºC-20 to +200ºC

Viton® is registered trade mark of DuPont Dow Elastomers


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