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Duplex, Triplex and Multiplex Filter Systems

We specialises in customised stainless steel filter systems which are designed to improve process efficiencies and provide substantial cost savings in respect of reduced downtime and screen disposal costs for processors operating in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, confectionery and chemical industries.

Each system is engineered to cater for footprint, flow rate and dirt loading restrictions and our duplex, triplex and multiplex filter options are ideally suited for applications where stage filtering is a requirement.

Customised options include support framework, sample points, drain isolation and vent valves as well as pressure gauges on the outlet and inlet to monitor performance. Our wedge-wire and sintered mesh filters’ robust construction enables automatic or manual backflush facilities which can be fitted to the filter without fear of damaging the elements.

Compact Filters

Our popular Compact Stainless Steel Filter range is designed for applications where space is of a premium or where flow rates of up to 20,000 litres per hour (based on pure water) are required.

6″ Filters

Our high capacity 6″ body filter has been designed for customers that  have a limited footprint but require a high flow capacity.  This range of stainless steel filters is being used across a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy and chemical.

Filter Skids

Axium Process’ stainless steel filters can be provided as a stand-alone option complete with framework designed to customer specification including additional options such as drip trays and pressure gauges.

Jacketed Filters

Axium Process provides jacketed Stainless Steel Filters for product heating or cooling.

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