Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filters

Pure-Screen Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filters

Our range of wedge-wire filters require no tools for access or cleaning and offer benefits such as reduced down-time for cleaning and maintenance, guaranteed filter integrity and a reliable and consistently filtered product. Specifically the filters have been found to offer:

  • consistency of viscosity and smoothness.
  • the highest levels of product security
  • avoidance of granularity due to mixing limitations or
    feed material variability
  • a smoothing device prior to fermentation
  • Filtration level =  10µm up to  6000µm

Axium Process’ 316L stainless steel Pure-Screen filter range provides filtration levels from 10µm up to 6000µm and is designed for critical applications where filter failure or collapse is not an option, i.e. pump suction protection and pre-filtration. It is also ideally suited to applications where product smoothness and consistency are essential such as yogurts, creams, gels and powder mixing (homogenising powders into suspensions).  This versatile and robust range of filters consists of a Standard and a Compact option which has been specifically designed for installation in confined spaces or where flow rates are up to 20,000 litres per hour (based on pure water).

Axium’s  Pure-Screen filter range is of a robust design consisting of a 316L filter housing, metal to metal seal and a 316L wedge wire element ranging from 10µm up to 6000µm depending upon specification. The filters, available as either 90º, straight through or in-line, are manufactured with either 4” or 6” filter housings and with an internal surface finish of 0.4µm Ra as standard. A ‘compact’ option is also available for confined spaces or for low flow applications.

Inlet and outlet connections are available to customer specification. A *Viton® cap-seal is supplied as standard although other materials are available depending upon the application.

Our Pure-Screen Filters are supplied with a safety clamp as standard which can only be released when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the gate bolt to swing and pass through the the sectioned gate.

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