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Fine-Screen Sintered Mesh Filters

Filtration level = 5µm up to 50µm (nominal)

Axium Process manufactures a range of Fine-Screen Sintered Mesh Filters which is designed for micro levels of filtration and is suitable for very high security applications.   The sintered mesh construction is ideal for high and low temperature processes and is typically used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries for the removal of suspended solids, micro-flakes, fibres and for glass contamination prevention.

  • 316L stainless steel 4″ OD housing as standard
  • 5 layer sintered mesh screen as standard
  • Robust stable structure, no media integration
  • 90° and in-line housing options as standard (straight-through option available upon request)
  • Internal Viton® ‘O’ ring as standard
  • Replacement/interchangeable screens
  • Suitable for backflushing
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) and Steam-in-place (SIP) capability
  • Stand alone, duplex, triplex, multiplex and jacketed options available.
Axium Process specialises in bespoke fabrication and our filters can be fabricated to suit customer requirements.
ITCS ManagerStainless Steel Sintered Mesh Filters