Water Recycling and Effluent Treatment

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Water Recycling, Recovery & Effluent Treatment Systems

Axium Process offers specialist expertise in the development of bespoke water recycling systems designed to reduce discharge volumes and potentially recover up to 95% clean water in many industrial process applications. With increasing environmental concerns and rising costs there has never been a better time to discuss your requirements.

Micro plastics, suspended particulates, digestate, oils, grease, fats and many other constituents can be selectively separated from an effluent stream; often recovering valuable materials in the process. The treated water is crystal clear, 100% particle free and commercially sterile ready for immediate recycling.

Axium’s water recycling and effluent treatment systems utilise membrane filtration technology. They are versatile and effective; often being used as a direct replacement for chemical treatment processes or integrated with AD systems to simultaneously clarify the outflow, while improving biomass stability and reactor efficiency.

System Design

  • Optimised for the application
  • Manual or Automatic operation
  • Remote monitoring and performance checks
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Small foot print
  • Compliance with increasing legislative and recycling requirements
  • Skid mounted, easy to scale up and install
  • *Stand-alone Containerised option

System Benefits

  • Produces commercially sterile crystal clear water for discharge or recycling
  • Opportunity to separate and recover valuable resources from waste water
  • Large reduction in effluent discharge volumes
  • Eliminates the need for chemical additives
  • Potential to recover “heat energy” from the effluent

Stand-alone Containerised Systems

Offer a versatile and practical option for water recycling and waste water treatment applications.  The benefits of a quick to install, self-contained process that requires minimal infrastructure is increasingly seen as a preferred option for capital investments.

  • Ease of transportation or re-location
  • Ability to conduct pre-delivery commissioning procedures
  • Minimal civil engineering and planning permissions
  • Reduced installation time on site
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