Treatment Of Landfill Leachate

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Treatment of Landfill Leachate

Membrane filtration is a proven technology in the treatment of landfill leachate as it can dramatically reduce the COD (-85%) and suspended solids content (-100%) typical of leachate effluent.

Waste Recycling Group (WRG) reviewed a number of technologies designed to treat landfill leachate which would not only meet local water discharge requirements but also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the biological treatment system.

Axium Process was selected to conduct a series of trials to assess the suitability of membrane technology against their specific site demands.

The trials were extremely successful and resulted in the design and build of a self-contained ultrafiltration system which is currently treating 140,000 litres of landfill leachate per day at a site in North Lincolnshire.

Ultrafiltration of leachate offers the following benefits:

  • It can meet local water discharge requirements and be designed to meet specific site conditions
  • Unlike DAF systems, the process requires no dosing chemicals, resulting in significant cost savings
  • It is suitable for sites where a small footprint is required
  • It is available as a self-contained, mobile unit that can be transported from site to site
  • Enables extended digestion of solids and provides a controlled discharge flow
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