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Please see our latest Press Releases. if you have any questions please, don’t hesitate to contact our sales engineers on either the enquiry form or chat box. 


Oct 2020CNC Investment To Meet Demand For Precision Engineering
Swansea based hygienic engineering company, Axium Process have invested in a further two new Doosan CNC machines to meet increased demand for high quality precision manufacturing. This capital investment means the pharmaceutical manufacturing specialist can support the sector with higher volumes of precision engineered components in-house, including one-off designs and batch requirements.
June 2020New Packaged High-Quality Water System is “Good to Go”
Axium’s new “Good to Go” packaged water treatment system is designed for water purifying applications and delivers commercially sterile, sustainable, high-quality water, bypassing the need for ion exchange beds and chemical treatment processes.
May 2020Volac World Leaders in Dairy Nutrition, Award NF Membrane System Contract to Axium Process
Volac, a world leader in dairy nutrition, recently awarded Axium Process its Contract to build a new Nanofiltration membrane system for its expanding Felinfach, Lampeter whey protein process operations. The Nanofiltration system contract follows the successful integration of a Microfiltration membrane system which was recently manufactured, installed and commissioned by Axium Process.
Jan 2020Gestamp delighted by unexpected benefits from New RO System
Llanelli based Gestamp, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of metal automotive components, is benefitting from significant environmental and process improvements following a decision to invest in Reverse Osmosis technology for its low conductivity process water generation requirements.
Nov 2019 316L Stainless Steel Filters You Can Rely On
Axium Process has developed its range of hygienic stainless steel filters ensuring ease of use, simple maintenance, dependability and outstanding quality is at the forefront of its design.The standard filter range is available with short delivery times in order to meet customer demand and has a 90 degree or in-line housing option with fully interchangeable and replacement elements. The elements, which can be safely removed without specialist tooling, cleaned or steamed in place and quickly put back into service reducing unnecessary downtime, are available in wedge-wire, sintered mesh and perforated tube providing a filtration range from 5 microns up to 8000 microns.
June 2019 Increased Demand For Containerised Systems
Our versatile, portable and practical, stand-alone containerised process systems are becoming mainstream for many applications across all sectors of industry.From hygienic clean-room applications to beverage processing, digestate and effluent treatment systems, the benefits of a quick to install, self-contained process requiring minimal infrastructure is increasingly seen as a preferred option for capital investments.

May 2019 Hilltop Honey think Axium Filters Are The Bees Knees
Axium Process recently supplied a number of 316L stainless steel Pure-Screen filters to award winning honey producer, Hilltop Honey, who are buzzing with success, distributing their products in swarms throughout the UK’s major supermarkets, independent farm shops, and delicatessens.

April 2019Material Selection Is Critical
Axium Process specialises in bespoke engineering design, fabrication and system solutions for industries such as aerospace, nuclear, biotech, and pharmaceutical so it is critical that the level of specialist expertise our engineers offer continues to develop, helping the company to achieve and maintain its future requirements for expertise, quality, and growth.
April 2019We Are Proud Of Our Future!
Axium Process specialises in bespoke engineering design, fabrication and system solutions for industries such as aerospace, nuclear, biotech, and pharmaceutical so it is critical that the level of specialist expertise our engineers offer continues to develop, helping the company to achieve and maintain its future requirements for expertise, quality, and growth.
March 2019 2019 New Perforated Filter Range Now Available
Axium Process’ has recently introduced the EconPLUS perforated filter to its range of Certified 316L stainless steel filters providing a low-cost, reliable and versatile solution for process pumps and equipment protection. Designed with simplicity and security in mind, the EconPLUS filter range, has been manufactured as a two-piece construction internally, has no loose parts and has a mechanical sealing area eliminating the need for a polymer seal with the inherent possibility of failure and replacement. he filters which are suitable for both CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) duties are simple and easy to maintain requiring no tools for element extraction.
Dec 2019New Plug And Play High Specification Mobile Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant
Axium Process’ new innovative and versatile membrane filtration pilot plant, together with its team of specialist engineers, are helping manufacturers develop and optimise their separation processes utilising Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) technologies. Pilot plant separation studies help to determine process feasibility, plant design and economics at an early stage and can give an accurate model of what a full-scale commercial plant could achieve.
Oct 2018Removal Of Microplastics From Water Streams Using Membrane Technology
The removal of microplastics from drinking, process or wastewater streams is a major step towards the reduction of microplastic pollution found in the environment. The use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products has already been banned in the UK and many other countries. However microplastic pollution is still being generated by the waste plastics already in the environment which are ageing and self-abrading on a very wide scale. As a result, most water sources now contain background but rising levels of microplastic contamination, which can ultimately feed back into the human food chain.
Oct 2018Hygienic Fabrication Can Be Exotic
Bespoke stainless steel fabricators, Axium Process, specialise in hygienic engineering design, fabrication and system solutions utiilising a wide range of corrosion resistant superalloys including exotic alloys; Hastelloy®, Duplex®, Inconel®, and Monel® as well as high performance engineering plastics such as PEEK®, used in the company’s CNC operations for applications where weight, heat resistance, and strength are paramount.
May 2018Axium Process’ robust and versatile duplex, triplex and multiplex stainless steel filter systems are improving process efficiencies and providing substantial cost savings in respect of reduced downtime and screen disposal costs for processors operating in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, confectionery and chemical industries.
April 2018Axium Process’ Membrane Filtration Systems are “On the Move”
Axium Process design and manufacture Containerised Membrane Filtration Systems that offer a highly flexible and cost effective solution for processing liquid products and effluents, along with separation and recovery of valuable compounds.
November 2017Customised Manufactured Process Equipment – Tanks and Vessels
Customised stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, mobile transfer vessels and mixing vessels manufactured complete with integrated stirring systems and CIP processes
August 2017Ransom Naturals Ltd Choose Axium Process
Following previous experience with extraction technology involving membranes, Ransom Naturals Ltd commissioned Axium Process to design and build a mobile ATEX Zone One rated membrane filtration plant able to move to a number of positions in their factory.
June 2017Clean-in-Place Systems
Clean-in-Place Systems (CIP) are now an essential part of most hygienic manufacturing processes and designing the optimum CIP System for a given application will ultimately depend upon a comprehensive understanding of the product being purged and cleaned, plant operating parameters, flows, temperatures and pressures in order to get the best results and enhance production processes.

December 2016Membrane Technology Produces High Yield From Waste Products
Filtration Specialists, Axium process, has firmly established that membrane technology can improve or create new and sustainable revenue streams from By-products.
November 2016Non-Drip Hygienic Stainless Steel Nozzle
Axium Process has developed a new hygienic non-drip filling nozzle design that has helped eliminate potential cross contamination or lost product with associated down time
September 2016Effluent Treatment System For Global Producer Of Ice-Cream
August 2016Filtration & Separation Company Focus - Customised Systems Drive Expansion
May 2016Stainless Steel Specialist trebles the size of its manufacturing facilities
March 2016Standard and Customised Membrane Housings
October 2015Specialist Pilot Plant Facility Helps Manufacturers Optimise Their Filtration Processes
July 2015Mobile Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems That Deliver Significant Cost Savings
June 2015Sun Valley are nuts about Axium Process’ Filters
April 2011Hygienic Stainless Steel Fabrication At Its Best
February 2011New Cost Effective Solutions For The Treatment Of Effluent 

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