April 2017Take the Strain out of Choosing the Right Filter Filtration specialists, Axium Process, manufacture stainless steel filters that are customised to suit specific site or process requirements for applications ranging from pump and instrument protection to critical applications where filter failure or collapse is not an option.
September 2016Effluent Treatment System For Global Producer Of Ice-Cream
August 2016Filtration & Separation Company Focus - Customised Systems Drive Expansion
September 2016Effluent Treatment System For Global Producer Of Ice-Cream
May 2016Stainless Steel Specialist trebles the size of its manufacturing facilities
March 2016Standard and Customised Membrane Housings
October 2015Specialist Pilot Plant Facility Helps Manufacturers Optimise Their Filtration Processes
July 2015Mobile Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems That Deliver Significant Cost Savings
June 2015Sun Valley are nuts about Axium Process’ Filters
March 2015Benefits Of Membrane Filtration Technology For Waste Water And Effluent Treatment
 January 2015 Axium’s Welders Have Their Fingers On The Pulse
February 2014Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabricators Polish Up Nicely
October 2013Extended Range Of Pilot Plants Meets The Demand For Membrane Filtration Evaluations Trials
August 2013Extended Range Of Tube And Pipe Fittings Provides More Choice From One Source
May 2013AJ & RG Barber Ltd Choose Axium's Pure-Screen Filters
January 2013Whitman Laboratories Reduce Waste And Make Substantial Cost Savings