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Hygienic Engineering Solutions to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Axium process has secured its position within the pharmaceutical industry, by operating extensively and actively in all forms of pharmaceutical fabrication. We specialize in hygienic engineering, design and hygienic stainless steel fabrication of customised components that include skids, frames and systems. Over the years it has allowed us to gain a extensive experience in the design and build of customised manual and automatic membrane filtration systems, as well as customised membrane housing.

Experience has been built through years of diverse and practical experiences within projects that range from bespoke high end machined and stainless steel fabricated components, up to full automatic filtration systems for applications such as fermentation. Our pharmaceutical fabrication experience has allowed us to work within all aspects of the job such as sampling devices, filters, vessels, heat exchangers, CIP Systems, pumping stations to enzyme concentration and purification. Finally it has allowed us to lay down our mark within the clean water industry. Here we specialise in process water recovery and waste volume minimisation. Utilising microfiltration, ultrafiltration, Nano filtration and reverse osmosis technologies.

Membrane Filtration Systems

Axium Process specialises in the design, fabrication, testing and commissioning of customised manual and automatic membrane filtration systems designed for the concentration and separation of liquid streams.

Our pilot plant trials and laboratory facilities are available as an extended research facility for customers wishing to develop and optimise their processes.  Axium maintains a comprehensive range of pilot plants that are used for both “in process” applications or for waste stream concentration or purification.

Quality, Testing, Inspection, Validation

As a  key supplier to many manufacturers operating in the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries, we fully appreciate  that Quality, Inspection, Traceability and Testing are paramount and Axium Process has invested heavily in comprehensive inspection facilities and testing procedures to meet the stringent validation requirements for the most demanding of applications.

Axium Process is routinely asked to supply full traceability dossiers that could typically include:

  • Full materials certification
  • Full Ra testing and certification
  • Boroscope direct view and video records of each weld
  • Weld maps and weld logs
  • Dye penetrant testing
  • Radiography
  • Pressure testing to 110 bar
  • Nitric acid or citric acid passivation to ASTM A967
  • Ferroxyl testing and certification
  • TSE certification
  • Mechanical and electrochemical marking options
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum packing
  • Mechanical and electrochemical marking
  • Full Ra testing and certification
  • Pickling, passivation and ferroxyl certification


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