Typical Applications

Typical Applications Using Membrane Filtration

  • Cider and beer tank bottoms
  • Clarification and purification of fruit juice
  • Final filtration of bottled water
  • Animal and vegetable processing waste recycling
Chemical / Textile
  • Commercial laundry effluent recovers and recycling
  • Dyehouse effluent separation and recycling
  • Recovery of cleaning chemicals
  • Separation of produced oily waters
  • Casein recovery
  • Quarg cheese production
  • Sugar stream separation and concentration
  • Whey Protein separation and concentration
  • Yogurt production
  • Bioactive product reocvery
  • Collagen seperation and concentration
  • Desalting of process streams
  • Organic compounds purification and concentration
  • Protein purification
  • Volume reduction technique prior to evaporation.
  • Collagen separation and concentration
  • Enzyme concentration and purification
  • Fermentation broth clarification
  • Organism concentration by physical means
  • Precursor purification
  • Solvent & Aqueous phases
Waste Water Recovery and Treatment
  • Animal and vegetable processing waste
  • Condensate upgrade for reuse
  • Heavy metal removal from process streams
  • Leachate separation and concentration
  • Potential product recovery
  • Recovery & reuse of waste water
  • Separation of suspended solids

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