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Environmental – Recycling Water, Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Technology

Water supply limitations, increased water charges, stricter regulations to protect the quality of water and the disposal of wastewater will be key factors in the development of many manufacturing operations throughout the World. In addition, the approach a company exhibits to managing its waste, together with its policies on protecting the environment with a view to sustainable manufacturing, may be a deciding factor for an increasing number of companies when choosing a supplier.

Wastewater and effluent treatment technologies are developing at a rapid rate. The demand for a stable operating environment to ensure consistent performance of manufacturing plants or for processes which are less sensitive to feed variations is becoming critical. The variable nature of effluent and operating conditions can present major difficulties for factories intent on secure 24/7 operation.

Membrane filtration as a treatment for effluent is being successfully used across a wide spectrum of industries and is proving to be both a reliable and versatile technology. The process is controllable for both particulate and soluble solids recovery and the filtrate quality is normally independent of day to day feed variations.

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