Econ-Screen Perforated Sheet Filter

Econ-Screen Perforated Sheet Filters

Filtration range = 1000µm up to 3000µm

Our 316L stainless steel, low cost perforated sheet filter is designed as a low pressure drop ‘last’ chance filter before a pump or in-line instrument, as well as a strainer for coarse particle filtration.

Designed for full drainability, the Econ-Filter range has a 3″ housing, “out to in” flow 316L stainless steel perforated screen and has standard inlet and outlet sizes of 1″, 1.5″ and 2″.

Filters can be fabricated to customer specification as well as duplex (where continuous flow is critical) and jacketed options (for high viscosity products such as chocolate).

NEW 316L Stainless Steel Filters Brochure

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