Membrane Filtration Systems

Bespoke Membrane Filtration Systems

Bespoke Membrane Filtration Systems

Bespoke Membrane Filtration Systems

Axium Process specialises in the design and build of bespoke membrane filtration systems utilising microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies.

Membrane filtration is widely used throughout the Process Industries providing a reliable and versatile technology for product separation, purification, clarification and concentration.

Membrane filtration systems are designed to increase process performance, save energy and water, as well as improve and create new sustainable revenue streams from By-products.


Axium Process can provide

  • Comprehensive pilot plant trials and testing facilities
  • Product and process development
  • Recommendations for plant design and evaluation of operating costs
  • Design, build, testing, qualification and validation to the highest levels
  • Tailored maintenance support and training packages

Membrane Technology

Controlled separation takes place when pressure and velocity is applied to liquid flowing across a membrane surface.

Depending on the “molecular weight cut off” (MWCO) of a membrane, it is possible to isolate a wide range of constituents in a feed-stream including suspended solids, fibres, particles, protein, bacteria, virus, colour, dissolved salts and metal-ions.

The technique produces a consistent stable output which is ideal for quality sensitive and water recycling applications.  The physical simplicity of the process offers considerable environmental and operational advantages.

Microfiltration0.1µm up to 1.0µm i.e. Proteins, fats, suspended solids
Ultrafiltration0.005µm up to 0.1µm i.e. Sugars, proteins, macromolecules
Nanofiltration0.001µm up to 0.01µm i.e. Divalent salts, dissociated acids, sugars
Reverse Osmosis0.0001µm up to 0.001µm i.e. Monovalent salts, organics, undissociated acids

Mobile Pilot Plants and Trials

Pilot plant trials are essential to obtain real data for quoting a commercial plant. Our comprehensive range of mobile membrane filtration pilot plants and in-house laboratory services are offered as a research facility for manufacturers wishing to develop and optimise their processes.

Bespoke Membrane Filtration System Design

Optimising a membrane filtration system design is determined by a number of factors including membrane material, input, flow, channel size, risks of fouling and ease of membrane cleaning.

Our engineers work closely with our customers to establish a clear understanding of their process requirements, feed streams, characteristics and chemistry as well as their anticipated output.

From idea to commercial Production

Each stage of a project from the design of a membrane filtration system through to manufacturing, commissioning and training is assigned to a dedicated engineer holding responsibility for on budget and on time delivery.

Bespoke Membrane Filtration Systems – Training and Support Packages

Our Customer Support and Training packages can be tailored to any level to accommodate customer requirements.  We also offer a Real Time Support package to customers purchasing fully automatic membrane filtration plants to enable our specialist engineers to provide full scale live data logging and monitoring as well as remote access.


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