Water Recycling and Effluent Treatment

Water Recycling & Effluent Treatment System

Effluent Treatment system

Membrane Filtration for Waste Water and Effluent Treatment

Axium Process specialises in the design and build of water recycling systems which can reduce the volume of water consumed in many process applications.  By removing particles, suspended solids, oils, grease, fats and other contaminants from the effluent stream , our systems can provide crystal clear, particle free and commercially sterile water for immediate recycling.

The process does not require chemicals to effect separation and will recycle the “heat energy” from the effluent allowing further cost savings when in operation.



What can our systems provide?

  • Recovery of water can be 95% of the effluent volume  (depending upon application). Which can be used again in wash process and other suitable applications.
  • Reduced discharge costs – concentrated waste water can represent less than 5% of original volume.
  • Flexible design – can be integrated into a process.
  • Consistent reliable operation – can be remotely monitored.
  • Batch or continual process.
  • Real Time Support Package – provides remote access, full scale live data logging and monitoring.
  • Utilises Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration technologies.

We operate across a wide range of industries with special emphasis on food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, textile and laundry industries.

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